Welcome, fillies, gentlecolts, and bronies everywhere to Pony Draft, the website where fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic can share their awesome works of fan fiction before they are complete. These fan fic "drafts" are then open to praise, proofreading, and constructive criticism to help improve both the story, as well as the writer's skills.

Once the writer has received this feedback and proofreading and subsequently improved upon their story, I recommend sending them to Equestria Daily, which does state "As always, please proofread/have somepony proofread it for you before sending it." or else Sethisto and his pre readers will more often then not "send it to the moon," so to speak.

So go ahead and send in your incomplete or unedited pony related fan fic/fan fic chapters, and get some feedback before calling it a finished product. It truly is amazing how many things can be spotted and improved just by having somepony (hopefully many) look it over. For submission guidelines, check out the "Submit" page.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns feel free to talk to either myself (Enigma9994) or my trusty editor Master Shake, through either the comments section or through email. My email is enigma9994@gmail.com, and Master Shake's is razor69965@hotmail.com.


  1. You know what would be awesome? A way to see if somepony has started proofreading a fic already so editors don't accidentally double-up on work for nothing.

  2. say, when we get done editing, i am just wondering if you guys would do a reread, kinda like a final proof read ?

  3. Hey, remember me? I was the guy you contacted about linking to this site in the Ponychan /fic/ sticky post / Training Grounds thread. I'm really sorry I haven't been keeping in touch, and that I couldn't think of a better way to contact you in a way that would be publicly visible (which I'd prefer, since more public exposure for this would be nice). Furthermore, people stopped including your link in sticky endposts, which made me a bit sad (and, well, I've been terrible in not doing any of the /fic/ endposts).

    I have finally finished preliminary brainstorming of the review-centric website idea I mentioned to you earlier, and am seeking feedback from anyone interested, even without technical know-how. I made a thread on the topic:
    Linked-to documents: