Sunday, October 30, 2011

Princess Luna: The Banishment Chronicles: The Untold Story of Luna

[Random] [Sad]

Kihan Ericson

Description: Luna on the moon during her 1000 year banishment.

Additional Tags: Luna, Celestia, Moon, Banishment, Harmony

Friday, October 28, 2011

War of Northern Aggression

[Normal] [Adventure]

Author: DylanB

Description: A thousand year lament locked away in the frozen north is set free by curious innocence. Can two kingdoms reunite in friendship? Will sins of the past keep them in secret hatred of one another? And why is Princess Celestia in the center of all this?

Chapter 1

Additional Tags: Adventure, Long, Equestria, Celestia, Ancient

Monday, October 24, 2011


Nightmare Ni-ahem, I mean Halloween is almost upon us. One week from now to be exact. In the meantime I suggest you all do three things. One, be sure to watch Luna Eclipsed as many times as humanly possible, two, check out the Grimdark section and read yourself something macabre (as long as it's not Cupcakes, trust me on this one). You can even try your hoof at writing something to fall under the Grimdark header, if you're up to the challenge. Lastly, enjoy the new midnight background on Pony Draft, as it will be here for this week only. This has been a Pony Draft PSA: Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Rainbow's Burden

[Sad] [Shipping]

Author: Tiyron

Description: When Fluttershy tries to help a pony in need she gets lured into a cave deep within the everfree forest. The cave however is not harmless, it is filled with an ancient poison which intoxicates who ever it encounters for too long. Its consequences are severe, and can even be lethal. Luckily Dash is there to save Fluttershy and the mysterious pony who was inside of it as well. But it might be too late already.

A Rainbow's Burden

Additional Tags: FlutterDash, Desperate Measures, Emotional Stuggles, Magic, Sad ponies are best ponies

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Call to Action

The brony community is amazing. It really is. It takes a really special show and some really special fans to make something as awesome as bronies. A website like Pony Draft would never work without the support of it's followers, and bronies are pretty amazing followers.

We've proved that this site can work. We've received great submissions, those submissions have been reviewed, and some have been posted to Equestria Daily! This site could be an incredibly helpful tool to countless numbers of brony fanfic writers around the world. There's one problem, though: they haven't heard of it.

That's where you, fellow bronies, come in. For those of you who know this site, spread the word any way you can! If you know anypony who could benefit from this site, let them know about it. The more people know about the site, the better it is. And when someone submits a story here, help a brony out and review it! You have no idea how much help you could provide with one comment.

This is a call to action. For them. For us. For Equestria!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Luna's Rainbow Six Equestria

[Crossover] [Light Grimdark]

Author: DarcySupremest

Description: Most Ponies are happy that the Moon Princess has returned, but many think she can not be trusted, an evil organisation named "Chaos Legion" wants Luna Banished and are willing to take lives to get it done. A Team of Elite Soldiers are formed to Protect Equestria from the Chaos Legion. They are Luna's Rainbow Six.

Additional Tags: Crossover, War, Special, Forces, Luna