So you wish to submit an original, brilliant work of pony fan fiction in the making. You've come to the right place. To submit, simply send an email to me at with the following format. (Note: it's the same format as Equestria Daily's for ease).

Subject line: Title of fanfic

1.) 1 or more tags (Grimdark/Normal/Crossover/Random/Shipping) *(Sad/Comedy/Sci-fi/Adventure are by all means allowed, but will be not be categorized into their own pages)
2.) Title (again, I know)
3.) A description of the story
4.) Link (Docs/DA/
5.) Characters
6.) Part what of what (if it's a one and done story, just say 1/1)
7.) 5 words you would use to describe your story
8.) Author name

If you email me this at, and is appropriate (nothing too gory or cloppy), it should be posted right on the front page as soon as I see it in my inbox. Myself and Master Shake will for sure offer our feedback, and with any luck, many others will too.

For more information on the submission method of Equestria Daily, have a link!

Optional: You can also give myself ( and Master Shake ( permission to collaborate on the story if it's on Google Docs, and if you want more direct feedback. Neither of us will edit any of the text; all we will do is highlight sections and provide some comments in the document. As I said before, this is completely optional.

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