Friday, December 30, 2011

The Elements of Turmoil

[Sad] [Shipping] [Adventure]

Author: RadaVonVon

Description: There is an imbalance in Equestria that only the Prince of Chaos himself, and Princess Celestia can detect. While trying to discover its mysterious source, everypony soon finds that the threat is much different, and much bigger than they would have ever suspected.

The Elements of Turmoil (All Current Links)

Additional Tags: Nextgen, Grey Area, Trollestia, Sad, Odd Pairings

Pipsqueak the Valiant

[Slice of Life] [Adventure]

Authors: Your Antagonist (VegaKS03) & Starwind Dood

Description: Pipsqueak is a timid colt and he hasn't attended school since he moved from Trottingham.  During his first day at Ponyville Elementary he finds himself plagued by various bullies and dilemmas, that he must deal with not as mild-mannered Pipsqueak, but as the hero Pipsqueak the Valiant.

Additional Tags: Pipsqueak, New, Kid, At, School

Thursday, December 22, 2011

At Home on the Range


Author: Bronius Maximus

Description: Rainbow Dash finally did it! A sonic rainboom on command! Except she also managed to break every window in Applejack's farmhouse in the process. Now she has to pay for each one, and with her wages from managing the weather not nearly enough to cover the damage, she has to work on Applejack's farm for two whole weeks! Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. Still, maybe it wouldn't be all bad. At least she would get to hang out with her friend AJ right? Wrong. Light to moderate RainbowxMac...

Part 1

Additional Tags: RainbowxMac, cattle drive, adventure, Apple family

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Waking up in a New World

[Shipping] [Sad] [Comedy] [Human in Equestria]

Author: Finesthour

Description: This is a self fic of me entering Equestria.

Waking up in a New World (All Links)

Additional Tags: Romance, Drama, Love, Envy, Happiness

My Little Pony: Prime (Update Parts 4, 5, and 6)

[Grimdark] [Crossover] [Shipping] [Adventure]

Author: Brony Tom

Description: After a blue meteor crashes into the Everfree Forest, an insidious poison spreads throughout Equestria, corrupting ponies that it ensnares. Ponies everywhere must fight their neighbors, their friends, and even themselves...

Part 1 - Impact
Part 2 - Sparks
Part 3 - Unwelcome Guests
Part 4 - Precursor
Part 5 - Sowing Seeds
Part 6 - Stirring

Additional Tags: Metroid, Phazon, Corruption, Long, Adventure

Rarity's Mid-Death Crisis


Author: Recamen

Description: After a night in which she may have had one too many drinks, Rarity wakes up to find that everything below her head is missing. See her publicly declare herself deceased, be the general drama queen she is, and put together the pieces of a puzzling evening.

Rarity's Mid-Death Crisis

Additional Tags: Short, Slice-of-life, Rarity, Berry Punch, Octavia

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chaos: A Story

[Normal] [Human in Equestria]

Author: Nova

Description: Chaos is a constant. Everyone lives by it, has it in their lives. But what if you could control Chaos. Does that make you the bearer of all things evil. Does that make you unwanted? Does the past control you? Can you be redeemed? Order destroys Chaos as Chaos destroys Order, but why? Everything is fluid, forever changing, chaotic.

Chaos: A Story

Additional Tags: Allegorical, Dark, Redemption, Order vs. Chaos, Fate

Flying High, Falling Hard (Update Part 2)

[Shipping] [Slice of Life]

Author: soundslikeponies

Description: Dash couldn't pin point why she fell so hard for Twilight if she tried. Maybe it was all the fascinating things Twilight knew or the things she did. Maybe it was the way Dash could just be relaxed around her, and not worry about her image. She hated learning, but when Twilight taught her things they became fascinating. Whatever the reason was, all she knows is that she fell deeply and almost completely for the mare.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Additional Tags: crush, romance, drama, gradual relationship