Sunday, September 18, 2011

Equestrian Soccer Association

[Normal] [Crossover]

Author: Enigma9994

Description: By request of Princess Celestia, Twilight and her friends are tasked with forming and maintaining Ponyville's own soccer team, the Ponyville Stars. Are the Elements of Harmony up to the challenge? Watch as the Ponyville Stars try to make a name for themselves in the Equestrian Soccer Association.

Equestrian Soccer Association

Additional Tags: Long, Soccer, Multi-Part, Football, Teamwork


  1. Hello everypony. It's me again. This is my first complete attempt at an actual work of fanfic. I hope you guys like it. I received some inspiration from xfizzle's series, Equestria Hockey League. So a shout out to him for making such a great series.

    Once this gets edited a bit here I'm going to post it on DeviantArt as well as to provide a place for any related artwork.

    Speaking of which, any artwork of the Ponyville Stars would be greatly appreciated, as I'm not much of an artist. The Ponyville jerseys haven't been described yet in the fic, but their color scheme is based off of that of Seattle United in the SYSA.

    I look forward to some feedback. Thanks for reading, bronies.

  2. Hey, sorry I haven't commented yet, but I've been overrun by work and stuff IRL... I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about this, and that I WILL review it, when I get the time.

  3. Okay, so...

    It was a good start, although there were a few grammar mistakes that I saw, like "you're" instead of "your", misplaced punctuation (like spaces), and some other assorted stuff.

    Plotwise, it was sound, if a little awkward in spots. The rendition of each pony's play style was pretty accurate from what I saw, so kudos there.

    Overall rating is, I think, a solid 4 or 4.5.

  4. Thanks for your comment. It's true, sports isn't exactly my "forte." But I'm trying my hoof at it, and we'll see where it goes. It has the potential to get interesting once the season starts.

    In other news, I posted both this story and a draft of the Ponyville logo onto my new Deviantart account.

    Let me know what you guys think! Thanks.