Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Call to Action

The brony community is amazing. It really is. It takes a really special show and some really special fans to make something as awesome as bronies. A website like Pony Draft would never work without the support of it's followers, and bronies are pretty amazing followers.

We've proved that this site can work. We've received great submissions, those submissions have been reviewed, and some have been posted to Equestria Daily! This site could be an incredibly helpful tool to countless numbers of brony fanfic writers around the world. There's one problem, though: they haven't heard of it.

That's where you, fellow bronies, come in. For those of you who know this site, spread the word any way you can! If you know anypony who could benefit from this site, let them know about it. The more people know about the site, the better it is. And when someone submits a story here, help a brony out and review it! You have no idea how much help you could provide with one comment.

This is a call to action. For them. For us. For Equestria!

1 comment:

  1. I'm already trying to spread it around. There are a tone of bronies out there who want to get their fanfic some reviews, but can't find a place for it outside of their circle of friends. This site is one of the best things a struggling brony writer can find, and I was relieved when I found it.

    You have my hoof!