Friday, October 28, 2011

War of Northern Aggression

[Normal] [Adventure]

Author: DylanB

Description: A thousand year lament locked away in the frozen north is set free by curious innocence. Can two kingdoms reunite in friendship? Will sins of the past keep them in secret hatred of one another? And why is Princess Celestia in the center of all this?

Chapter 1

Additional Tags: Adventure, Long, Equestria, Celestia, Ancient


  1. Just as a footnote, this draft is about a month old, and I only just got around to finishing the last paragraph due to work and school. My writing style is very different now, and I do understand a core issue with the draft is that there is too much exposition. Just wanted to throw that out.

  2. Sorry I haven't got around to reviewing this yet. I'll get to it as soon as I'm free.

  3. I like it so far, I'm a fan of exposition and history, though. You've already said that you understand that there was probably too much of it, though, so there's really not much left to be said. I enjoyed the wording, and I'm liking where the story's going. I'm looking forward to more.