Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Rainbow's Burden

[Sad] [Shipping]

Author: Tiyron

Description: When Fluttershy tries to help a pony in need she gets lured into a cave deep within the everfree forest. The cave however is not harmless, it is filled with an ancient poison which intoxicates who ever it encounters for too long. Its consequences are severe, and can even be lethal. Luckily Dash is there to save Fluttershy and the mysterious pony who was inside of it as well. But it might be too late already.

A Rainbow's Burden

Additional Tags: FlutterDash, Desperate Measures, Emotional Stuggles, Magic, Sad ponies are best ponies

1 comment:

  1. On page 15, just after the ==== break, it refers to "him". Page 21, "secreta" instead of "secretary". Page 42, "were finished" instead of "we're finished" Page 44, "my Dear" should be ", my dear".

    In general a quite good fic; Luna should probably explain what was so horrific about the other world's power in the ending in which Celestia is petrified. Unless you were planning a sequel.