Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2000 Views and 3 Equestria Daily Posts

The title on this one might be a bit self explanatory. For one, Pony Draft hit 2,000 pageviews today. Next stop: 2,000,000! But that's not the milestone I want to put in the spotlight. 

Since the start of Pony Draft, three great submissions have been edited here and posted to Equestria Daily. All three of these stories are incredible, and I'm honored to have such talented authors submitting here. The works and authors are listed here, in chronological order for your perusal.

Silent Rainboom - Ghost in the Window - EqD Post

Orange Peel - How Equestria Was Made - EqD Post

Coconutswallow - In Spades - EqD Post

Kudos to all of you writers of pony fanfic, and myself, Master Shake, and the rest of the Pony Draft community wish for your continued success in your future writing endeavors.

P.S. Octavia is my favorite pony on the banner. Thought you might like to know.

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