Friday, August 12, 2011


[Normal] [Adventure]

Author: Chronicler

Description: Two new arrivals in Equestira have Twilight very excited about where they came from.  But these two might have brought more than themselves with them to Equestria.

Part 1
Part 2

Additional Tags: OC, dimensions, trust, griffon, magic

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  1. Wow i jus lost a ginat wall of text cause my browser refreshed. I apologize but I'll have to make this review brief. I'll get a more complete one in the morning.

    Pros: interesting charcaters + good knowledge of their backgrounds. Cool concept overall. I really like Brandon.

    Cons: paragraphs need to be spaced out more. Not enough description in the begining, feels like things are going happening way too fast. Brandon says HAND instead of HOOF.

    Can't wait to see more chapters.