Friday, August 12, 2011

Hello. My Name is 'Master Shake'.

Hello there, Pony Draft, like the title says, I'm Master Shake. You however may simply call 'Shake', no need for 'Master' part...unless you're feeling really generous.

Who am I? I'm your new EDITOR. I'm here to give critiques on your Fics, answer questions you may have, and overall just fill in the gap when Enigma ins't here. Think of it this way, Enigma is Batman and I'm his Robin. He'll do majority of the posting and I'm here to help out. Overall I'm a down to earth guy, same as most of you. I give fair reviews and helpful pointers to the stories that you guys post and I'm pretty much always open for a conversation if you want to share your ideas with someone.

So if you have any questions, concerns, or anything of that kind, just contact me:

I'm sorry, I've only gotten to read a few of your stories, guys and girls, but I'll probably get to most of them later tonight.

Quickly about me. At the moment, I'm a big fan of Doctor Who (10th and 11th Doctors) and of course MLP:FiM...and sometimes both at the same time.

So yeah. I'm here. Hi.


  1. why hello,"robin" thanks for the critique

  2. Congrats, Shake! Brohoof for becoming an editor. I fully expect you to work yourself to death in the space of three days. :P