Friday, August 12, 2011



Author: Super Klonoa

Description: Seven mysterious, colorful, diamond-shaped gems of untold power have mysteriously appeared in the pony world of Equestria, appearing on the beds of Rainbow Dash and her friends. When a mysterious, otherworldly, evil being arrives in Equestria and possesses one of the world's most dangerous titanic animals of all time, Ponyville is thrown into chaos, and when all hope appears to be lost, Rainbow Dash bravely stands against this threat, never giving up, never letting go of hope. This stand of bravery invigorates the spirits of her friends, and the answer to the mystery of the seven gemstones is finally revealed.


Additional Tags: Chaos Emeralds, Super forms


  1. Uh, you spelled my name wrong, btw, It's Klonoa, not Kloona. lol

  2. Woops. Sorry about that. It's fixed now.

  3. My overall reaction: Meh.

    Some of it was good, but a lot of it was very cliche, like the part with each of the Mane 6 getting a chaos emerald, and ESPECIALLY the part at the end where everypony gave their support to RD in order to activate the emeralds. Idk if that's how it was in Sonic, as I'm not too familiar with it beyond the basics, but it just seemed too corny.

    One thing that was very refreshing was a story with such excellent grammar. It's something that lots of people take for granted, but I always enjoy a well-written story like this.

  4. @Brony Tom

    Eeeeyup, that's pretty much how it is in Sonic...well, some of his games. Call it cliche, but to me, pretty much everything is cliched these days. Nothing is original.

    But even so, some people might still find it quite epic. =P

    It's fine, though. When I was going to submit this over to Equestria Daily before my friend stopped me and showed me this site, I was only expecting it to get three stars anyway. Rejection, even. It's only a fic I wrote out of my desire to see a Super form for Rainbow Dash. That's it.

    Thanks for the grammar complement, though. It's always nice to see complements like that. =)