Thursday, August 11, 2011

24 Hour Update

I was a little surprised as to the number of pageviews when this blog launched. I wasn't expecting very many, but in this first day, roughly 24 hours after the launch post, Pony Draft has gotten over 200 page views, 2 followers (1 of them is me, though), and a few comments. The thing we need most though is submissions. The site will only be able to serve it's true purpose once somepony sends in their story. After that, who knows just what will happen?

As I say in the Submit section, I will definitely look over all the fanfic and provide my own edits and suggestions, and I will also submit my own. For a little sneak peek, I am currently in the embryonic stages of several works of my own MLP fanfiction, and have actually started the writing on one. Hint: it stars the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Be on the lookout for that one when I post it here. I'm currently crossing my fingers for Sethisto to include Pony Draft on tonight's Nightly Roundup on EqD.


  1. Well, he did! :) Expect an influx of people from EqD.

    Gotta say, its a neat idea!

  2. I feel I must ask before submitting any (the only) fanfiction I have: What are your views on OCs?

  3. Hi there! I love the idea of this blog, this should have been a 'thing' months ago. Anyways, I'm about to submit my WIP Doctor Whoof FF. I hope to see yours too Enigma.

  4. @ Chronicler, OCs are fine for Pony Draft. They have to be pretty good though to catch the attention of EqD.

    @BlasTech, Thanks, I was quite thrilled when I saw Pony Draft on the Nightly Roundup.

    @Master Shake, I know what you mean, and your fanfic is up! Congrats on being the first one to submit. I have some more things to get to on the blog, then I'll get right to reviewing it.

  5. Shake brought me here. This is definitely an awesome idea and it's going to catch fire with popularity soon.

    As soon as I figure out how to make my account here say "Wisdom Thumbs" instead of my real name, I'm going to get to work on submitting my own WIP fanfiction. Might take... a while.

  6. I like the site, even if it is just a blog.

    Anyways, congrats on getting one thousand page views! I think about fifteen of those were from me checking the site every thirty minutes. :)